Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone

Monday, October 25, 2010

Long overdue update!

Ack! I haven't updated in forever, sorry! I've meant to post an update several times over the last 3 weeks but haven't gotten around to it. Whoops! Let's see, what have we been up to...

We had our first false alarm trip to labor & delivery last week- how fun! Not really. I was having some low back pain that just didn't feel "right" and was contracting every 10-15 minutes so I called my OB said to come in. On the way there, the contractions spaced out and stopped. Of course! So I went on up anyway and they monitored me for an hour and then let me go. Taryn was not impressed by the monitors, and she kicked them the whole time, which made for a very uncomfortable hour for me. I had an OB appointment the next day, I just stayed the night at a hotel near the hospital. My OB checked me at my appointment and my cervix is 1cm and soft, but still long. She doesn't really think the contractions caused the dilation/softening, she thinks it's likely just because I've had two babies already. Oh, and I'd lost a pound at my weigh-in, so yay for that.

Last weekend, K and I had our birthing class! We met the day before and went for pedicures- which resulted in lots of laughs, and then went shopping, and out to eat at Olive Garden. We had birthing class the next day, all day long. It was kind of boring, and I was really hoping they'd focus more on breathing techniques, but mostly we just learned about the scary things. Epidurals, c-secions and episiotomies- OH MY! They passed around an epidural needle so we could see, and I thought I was going to pass out. That thing is as big around as my arm. I do NOT need to see that, thankyouverymuch. Anyway, it was interesting and we got another tour of the labor and delivery unit which was worth it.

This weekend was K & J's baby shower, which was unlike any baby shower that I've ever been to, but it was fun! Before the shower we had a 4D ultrasound, too. It was just as neat as it was scary. This girl has some big shoulders- and even bigger cheeks! I'm afraid she's going to come out like a linebacker. So even though I've lost a pound, it clearly has not affected her. I've thought all along that she might be the smallest baby I've carried, but now I'm thinking it may be just the opposite! And man, is she stubborn! She wouldn't move her hands or turn her face so we could get a clear shot of her face, she'd only give us the side, and only for a few seconds. The tech had me moving from side to side, drinking orange juice, sitting up and crowding her so she'd have to move- but she still wouldn't cooperate. If she's this stubborn IN the womb, I can't imagine how stubborn she'd going to be once she's OUT!

I think that's all of the exciting news I have to share. Our next appointment is Nov. 4th, then we'll have another 2 weeks after that, and then the appointments will be every week! I can't believe I'm 33 weeks already, it blows my mind. I'm really going to enjoy having my body back to myself, as I feel somewhat like I've been taken hostage, but I'm going to miss being pregnant. I'm just going to enjoy the last few weeks as much as I can- but between the constant peeing, the heartburn, acid reflux, and the sore ribs, I'm not sure how much enjoyment I'm going to get, ha!

And of course, a belly picture! 32 weeks (Major snuck in at the last second)

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