Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone

Monday, December 13, 2010


Taryn, one day old

Look at those eyes! She was an hour-ish old here.

Me holding Taryn for the first time. I'd just come back from surgery.

Little K meeting Taryn for the first time, with her grandparents looking on.

Welcome to the world!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Birth Story

K & J met us in the lobby of the hotel at 4:50 am, and neither them or myself slept very well. We drove the few blocks over to the hospital and went up to labor & delivery. J was so excited, he was practically skipping, lol. Got the IV started, and pit started at 5:55 am. My amazing friend/ doula LaDonna got to the hospital around 5:45 am. We all just hung out, talking, laughing.. it was very relaxed. I started contracting once the pit got to level 8, around 7:30 I'd say. I moved around a bit and got on the birthing ball which really helped the pain, unfortunately it seemed to make my contractions nearly stop. I decided to get back into bed and then the contractions really started to set in, and hurt. I asked the nurse where the anesthesiologist was (or "The Epidural Man" as I called him) and she said he was there, and they were going in for a c-section and then he was going home unless I wanted my epidural first. Once home, it would take him 20-30 minutes to get to me once I requested him, and I really didn't wanna let the poor guy get home only to be called right back, so I went ahead and got my epidural. He came just in time too, because I was really starting to hurt! Everyone left the room except LaDonna, who stayed with me and held my hand through the whole thing. It was surprisingly fast, he was a great Epidural Man!

Once the epidural was in, I immediately felt better. I was so tired, since I didn't sleep at all Monday night, and I kept trying to nap but it was so hard to fall asleep. My OB came in and broke my water around 10:30. She thought there was a little bit of meconium but it was very light. They prepped for extra suction just in case. Around noon I was 5cm and 70% effaced, and at 2pm I was 7cm and 90% effaced. I started to get nauseous and got the shakes around this time too. My nurse gave me some zofran in my IV and it passed pretty quickly. My mom got to the hospital around this time & came in and hung out with us. K's mom and dad, J's mom, and Little K were all also there, going back and forth between my room and K & J's room next door. I started to feel some pressure so the nurse checked me again, and I was 8 1/2cm. Baby was still high so they had me sit up more in bed to help her come down. At 3:00 I only had a little bit of an anterior lip left, but she was still high. They let me labor down for about 15 minutes and then called for my OB.

I had LaDonna at my left side, with K just beside her at my head, and J behind her, behind my head. My OB got ready and they broke the bed down and everyone was in position just waiting for a contraction. I felt very weird in that moment, it was like everyone was waiting for me to do something.... and I wasn't doing anything. I got really emotional knowing that everything was coming to an end, but I managed to keep it together. I just couldn't open my eyes and look at anyone or else I knew I'd lose it! I had a contraction and started to push, and I just knew I was doing it wrong. It didn't feel right & I felt like I was about to push my eyeballs out. It took a few pushes for me to get in the groove and remember how to push. I didn't make a sound, and everyone was very quiet except for my OB who would tell me to take a breath & push again, and then give me feedback on how I was doing.

After a few minutes of pushing and feeling like I wasn't getting her anywhere, I got a little frustrated. I finally got focused and gave a few good pushes. I opened my eyes for a second and looked at my OB, who was looking up at K smiling. I started to get a little emotional, and then LaDonna says "she's got hair!!" and I just completely lost it. I don't really know why, I just started bawling, which made K start crying, which started a chain reaction and before you knew it everyone was crying except for J, who thought all of us women were nuts I'm sure! I don't know who it was, but someone asked me why I was crying and I just started laughing and said I had no idea! I think I was just overwhelmed, I knew everything was coming to an end, and the moment I'd been waiting for- and K & J had been waiting for for 9 months was finally about to happen.

I got refocused and pushed a few more times. I knew she was getting close and that made me push harder. Finally my OB said that her head was out, so I stopped and they suctioned her mouth a little bit. I gave one last little push and there she was! The cord was wrapped around her neck once, and my OB took it off and suctioned her mouth a little more, and put her on my chest. She started screaming immediately. I looked up at my IP's and the looks on their faces made every single minute totally worth it! The nurse was cleaning her off a little bit and I looked down at Taryn and she lifted her head back looked up at me with her big beautiful blue eyes. It was such an amazing moment! They clamped the cord and J got to cut it. I wrapped her up in the blanket and handed her to K, and she was just sobbing and smiling. J, with tears streaming down his face, leaned over and put his hand on my head, and kissed my forehead and cheeks, and said 'thank you' over and over again. I reached my hand up and patted his head, and I was crying and laughing at the same time. It was a very surreal moment. Taryn was finally here! She was born at 3:41 pm.

K & J walked over to the warmer with Taryn. I looked down at my OB and she had huge tears rolling down her cheeks. It was then that I looked around the room and saw that every single person in there was crying. My OB, the nurses, LaDonna... all crying! I was watching across the room as they were cleaning Taryn off & weighing her, and she was just screaming her little head off the whole time. She was kicking and punching the air and I had to laugh because it was so funny to see her doing what I'd been feeling her do for the last few months. I kept saying how tiny she was, I was shocked! I really expected her to be bigger. She weighed in at 6 lbs 10 oz, and 20 inches long.

My OB was having trouble delivering the placenta, and could only get it to come out in pieces. It just wouldn't detach, and my OB said we needed to do a D&C. They had an OR ready for me already since I was having my tubes tied immediately after the birth, so she got cleaned up and off we went. I hugged LaDonna & thanked her for being there for me, and off we went to the OR. The procedures were easy, and I actually ended up falling asleep a little while into it. They left my epidural in so I didn't have to go under general anesthesia. It took a little longer than I expected, and I was so ready to get back up to my room & see everyone. I got back up to my room around 6pm, and everyone came back in and I got to hold Taryn for the first time. It was so neat to finally hold her, she was so tiny and cute. She looked just like Little K. I couldn't believe how much dark hair she had, I just knew she'd be bald or have blonde hair like Little K. I looked at her little tiny hands and pulled out one of her little tiny feet. I love baby feet, they're my favorite! Her toes were so tiny, not even as big as Tic Tac's, lol. I felt such a huge feeling of accomplishment. I'd done my job, I'd gotten this little girl into this world safe & sound, and she was healthy. My job was done!

I'm so glad that I decided to be a surrogate. Every single day of morning sickness, heartburn, backaches, rib pain and exhaustion was SO worth it. I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat! I'm so glad that K & J trusted me to carry their daughter, I feel very honored. They have been nothing but amazing. They & their families welcomed my family into their lives & were always so sweet to us. The whole experience was awesome, and I got just as much joy out of it as they did. My life is forever changed because of them, and Baby Taryn.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Close, but no cigar

Well, I really thought that yesterday was going to be the day, but no such luck! I started having contractions on Friday around 5pm, they started out slow but by 7 or 8pm, they were coming every 13-16 minutes. I started getting a little excited, thinking maybe this was it, but 2 hours later they weren't getting any closer. Then they got further apart, every 20-30 minutes. I went to bed and was woken up a few times by contractions, but they were still far apart. I contracted all day yesterday, anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes apart. Finally around 11pm, they stopped. I had one when I got out of bed this morning, but not another one since.

As frustrated as I am, I'm glad I get to enjoy my Sunday without contractions.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We're Having a Baby!

Well, Little Miss T has a birth date planned- December 7th, 2010! Unless of course she decides to come out on her own free will before then, that is.

The plan is to go in on Monday for one last OB appointment & make sure everything is still looking good, then report to labor & delivery at 5 a.m. (yikes!) to start the induction. I figure we'll have a baby somewhere around noon. Then I get to roll on over to the operating room & get my tubes tied, cut, burnt & sealed off! Yay!

At my appointment today my cervix was dilated a little bit more, and the baby is lower in my pelvis. My OB said she thinks I am very favorable for an induction & that it should go smoothly. *fingers crossed* I am just a tad bit nervous about being induced, but after weighing all the options & analyzing it to death, I think it really is the best option for everyone.

It's so weird to know that one week from now, this whole thing will be over & Baby T will here. It's been a fun ride, but I am more than ready to hand this little girl over to her parents.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Recent belly pictures

Here are a couple of recent belly pictures. The first one, 36 wks 3 days.

And 37wks 4 days.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

37 Week Update

We had our 37 week appointment on the 23rd. I am now 2cm and 50% effaced, so my body is getting it together and doing exactly what it should be, woohoo! I've had a lot of contractions in the last week, so I'm glad they're actually doing something for me.

I had contractions last night for a couple of hours, and again tonight for about an hour, but they went away. I don't think I'll be going into actual labor anytime real soon though. If my cervix is continuing to change and look favorable, we'll be bringing up the topic of induction at our 39 week appointment on Dec. 6th. I'm hoping we can go to our appointment and she'll just send us right on up to L&D to get the show on the road. But we shall see! I don't want to go in for an induction with an unfavorable cervix, so it's all going to depend on what's going on at these next two appointments.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Appointment Update

We had our appointment yesterday. I'm 1cm dilated and a little bit effaced, so it looks like Baby T is hanging out a couple more weeks. We have another appointment on the 23rd, maybe more will be going on then.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Ok, I'm done. I give up! Everything hurts, I can't sleep, I'm breathing fire and this baby is trying to claw her way out. I'm ready for Baby T to be born anytime she feels she's ready. Well, she still needs about 10 more days in there to make it to "term". So in 10 days, I'm posting an eviction notice. She will have approximately 20 days to vacate the premises or she will be forcibly removed.

I forgot to mention on my last update, but we had an ultrasound done at our last appointment on Nov. 4. At 34wks 1 day, she measured 5lbs 2oz. And her head measured 36wks. Yikes!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Almost my turn

Well, the girls in my cycling group are starting to deliver. One of the girls & I transferred the same day so we had the same due date, only she was pregnant with twins. She delivered this evening! I'm so excited for her but at the same time it's really sinking in that it's going to be my turn before long. A week ago I wasn't ready, but I'm getting there.

My back is killing me. Mostly my lower back, because my belly is really pulling on it, but my upper back and hips hurt more often than not. It's hard to sleep at night, I wake up every hour or so because I'm either uncomfortable and need to roll over, or I have to pee. And these Braxton Hicks contractions are really annoying! We were walking around Target the other night and I was having them every 10 minutes so we hurried up and got out of there, and as soon as I sat in the car they stopped. Whew. But annoying nonetheless. I feel bad complaining, I know K would trade places with me in a heartbeat.

The good news is that being uncomfortable is making it much easier for me to look forward to delivery, haha! As much as I'm not looking forward to getting that epidural placed (that huge needle makes me woozy) I think I'd really like to have it now. I'd probably sleep better!

We have another appointment on the 18th, and I'll be 36 weeks! My mom is coming to my appointment with me so she finally gets to meet K&J :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Getting Closer....

I was just going over my calendar & looking at what days I can schedule our next appointments for. We're going on the 4th, then we have to go back in two weeks so that would be the 18th. Then since I'll be 36 weeks, I'll have to come back a week later, except that's Thanksgiving day. I don't want to go any sooner than 7 days, and I sure don't want to go in on Black Friday, so I think waiting 10 days between appointments and going on Monday the 29th would be best. I clicked ahead into December and realized that the next Monday is the 6th, the day we'll most likely induce if I haven't gone into labor yet.

And then I almost threw up. I only have 3 appointments left before I deliver! Ohmygosh I'm not ready! A human is going to exit my body in a few short weeks, one way or another, and either way is going to hurt. Crap. Can I just stay pregnant forever???

Friday, October 29, 2010

Time for a game!

Guess when Baby Taryn will be here!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Long overdue update!

Ack! I haven't updated in forever, sorry! I've meant to post an update several times over the last 3 weeks but haven't gotten around to it. Whoops! Let's see, what have we been up to...

We had our first false alarm trip to labor & delivery last week- how fun! Not really. I was having some low back pain that just didn't feel "right" and was contracting every 10-15 minutes so I called my OB said to come in. On the way there, the contractions spaced out and stopped. Of course! So I went on up anyway and they monitored me for an hour and then let me go. Taryn was not impressed by the monitors, and she kicked them the whole time, which made for a very uncomfortable hour for me. I had an OB appointment the next day, I just stayed the night at a hotel near the hospital. My OB checked me at my appointment and my cervix is 1cm and soft, but still long. She doesn't really think the contractions caused the dilation/softening, she thinks it's likely just because I've had two babies already. Oh, and I'd lost a pound at my weigh-in, so yay for that.

Last weekend, K and I had our birthing class! We met the day before and went for pedicures- which resulted in lots of laughs, and then went shopping, and out to eat at Olive Garden. We had birthing class the next day, all day long. It was kind of boring, and I was really hoping they'd focus more on breathing techniques, but mostly we just learned about the scary things. Epidurals, c-secions and episiotomies- OH MY! They passed around an epidural needle so we could see, and I thought I was going to pass out. That thing is as big around as my arm. I do NOT need to see that, thankyouverymuch. Anyway, it was interesting and we got another tour of the labor and delivery unit which was worth it.

This weekend was K & J's baby shower, which was unlike any baby shower that I've ever been to, but it was fun! Before the shower we had a 4D ultrasound, too. It was just as neat as it was scary. This girl has some big shoulders- and even bigger cheeks! I'm afraid she's going to come out like a linebacker. So even though I've lost a pound, it clearly has not affected her. I've thought all along that she might be the smallest baby I've carried, but now I'm thinking it may be just the opposite! And man, is she stubborn! She wouldn't move her hands or turn her face so we could get a clear shot of her face, she'd only give us the side, and only for a few seconds. The tech had me moving from side to side, drinking orange juice, sitting up and crowding her so she'd have to move- but she still wouldn't cooperate. If she's this stubborn IN the womb, I can't imagine how stubborn she'd going to be once she's OUT!

I think that's all of the exciting news I have to share. Our next appointment is Nov. 4th, then we'll have another 2 weeks after that, and then the appointments will be every week! I can't believe I'm 33 weeks already, it blows my mind. I'm really going to enjoy having my body back to myself, as I feel somewhat like I've been taken hostage, but I'm going to miss being pregnant. I'm just going to enjoy the last few weeks as much as I can- but between the constant peeing, the heartburn, acid reflux, and the sore ribs, I'm not sure how much enjoyment I'm going to get, ha!

And of course, a belly picture! 32 weeks (Major snuck in at the last second)

Monday, October 4, 2010

71 Days Left

Oh my! Only 71 days or less before Miss T makes her entrance into the world.

I was reading in "What to Expect" about the 30th week. It said that this week, I should notice the baby sleeping more. I laughed out loud. This baby did NOT get that memo. She is awake and kicking, punching, jabbing and rolling all the time, it seems like. As I sit here and type this, I am being head-butted in the bladder, I have a rump in my ribs, and a foot trying to come out of my belly button. My belly moves and shakes all over! The other night, I felt her start to shift positions and I looked down just in time to see what looked like her behind moving from the left side of my belly to the right side. She gets really rowdy when I lay down in bed for the night. Or for a nap. It's nearly impossible to fall asleep when a tiny human is river dancing on your internal organs, just FYI.

I'm enjoying the last few weeks I have with T, though. I know that after I deliver, I'll miss being kicked and punched when I'm trying to go to sleep. Well, it will probably take a few weeks for me to start missing that, haha. I'm getting anxious about the delivery, I hope everything goes smoothly and somewhat according to plan. We have another appointment tomorrow with my OB and I've got a list of questions to ask her. Hope she's ready!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

29 Weeks

The Belly:

I was using my belly to rest my plate of brownies on.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I passed my 3 hour glucose tolerance test! Yaaaaaay! I can go back to eating everything this little girl tells me to, ha!